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Dubai: Three Dubai visitors have been accused of breaking into a villa and robbing expensive jewellery and cash amounting to Dh700,000.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard that two men from Armenia and an Egyptian man raided a merchant’s villa in Bur Dubai area of Dubai in February last year. The 60-year-old Bahraini merchant said he was out of the country and returned four days later to discover the robbery.

“They had broken into the bedroom and stolen the big safe which contained jewellery, watches and money. The jewellery was worth Dh600,000. The villa was damaged and repairs cost Dh31,000,” said the victim in official records.

Dubai Police identified the thieves through a nearby surveillance camera. The Egyptian defendant told officers that he drove the two Armenian men and dropped them near the villa and they came back with a safe. “They took the safe to a deserted area to break it. They contacted a fourth suspect to sell the jewellery,” said the Emirati police officer in official records.

A 42-year-old Indian jeweller was arrested in the operation. The jeweller said the defendants wanted to sell the jewellery and that he didn’t know it was stolen.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the two Armenian and the Egyptian defendants with robbery and damaging the villa. The Indian defendant was charged with possessing stolen jewellery.

The next hearing in the case has been scheduled for late February.