Some of the items that were confiscated from the passenger at Dubai airport. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs has thwarted an attempt to smuggle items related to witchcraft and sorcery which were found in the possession of a passenger coming from an African country.

The passenger tried to bring the goods into the country through Dubai International Airport but his suspicious body language gave him away.

Khaled Ahmad, Senior Director of Passenger Operations Department (Terminal 1), said when the passenger was passing through the checkpoint, inspectors noticed that he was very confused and seemed to have a swollen abdomen, so he was transferred to the inspection area.

Customs inspectors then found materials related to black magic and sorcery wrapped around his stomach. The goods were confiscated and the man was arrested and referred to Dubai Police.

Ahmad said UAE law prohibits anyone from entering the country with substances used in black magic and sorcery, based on the decision of the Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which has determined the list of prohibited goods.

Practising black magic or attempting to smuggle sorcery items into the country is illegal under Article 316 of the UAE Penal Code.

People caught smuggling black magic objects are liable for imprisonment and/or fines.