Shortly after the attack, the ambulance and police cordoned off the areas on the first and second floors with the assistance of the mall’s security officials, where large bloodstains were visible late on Thursday night. Image Credit: Javed Nawab, Gulf News

Dubai: A Filipina and her Nepalese partner, who allegedly stabbed her while she was on duty in a beauty salon at Wafi Mall on Thursday evening before stabbing himself, are currently undergoing treatment for severe injuries at a Dubai hospital, a senior police source and the mall management told Gulf News on Friday.

Shortly after the attack, the ambulance and police units cordoned off the areas on the first and second floors with the assistance of the mall's security officials.

Large bloodstains were visible late on Thursday night on the first floor — where the woman, in her 30s, worked — and a few more pools of blood were evident on the second floor close to the escalator.

"The Nepalese man, in his 30s, came to the work place of the Filipina and asked for her. When he saw her he stabbed her in the stomach and injured another older Nepalese woman working in the salon when she intervened in an attempt to prevent the attack. The man collapsed after stabbing himself in the stomach just outside the salon in an attempt to commit suicide," a police source told Gulf News.

The Nepalese woman sustained minor to moderate injuries and was later discharged from the hospital.

A Wafi spokesperson confirmed in an emailed statement that there was "an incident between a man and a woman" around 8.45pm on Thursday at the Sasha Salon, "where both were found injured".

The spokesperson said "none of the staff witnessed the incident and CCTV footage has been provided to Dubai Police, who are now dealing with the matter."

"There was a lot of blood near the beauty salon and while they were carrying the man and the woman… I saw the sheets covered in blood," an eyewitness told Gulf News.

According to the police source, the older Nepalese woman ran from the salon to the second floor in an attempt to seek rescue, which is why blood was spotted on the second floor as well.

The Police source said the Nepalese man and the Filipina "were in a relationship", but are still investigating the cause of the attack.

The salon was closed to enquiries on Friday.

Flashback: Murders and stabbing cases in Dubai

March 2, 2010: A Russian woman was murdered in an apartment in Al Baraha. The apartment was reported to be operating as a brothel. Two Asian men allegedly robbed her and then stabbed her to death.

April 8, 2009: A graduate student, Anooshka Khodakhshi, survived a robbery attack near the parking lot of her building near the Iranian Hospital. A man stabbed her twice on the back of her right shoulder with a knife while stealing her bag.

February 27, 2009: A woman was found dead in the parking lot of a mall and her personal belongings were missing. She was stabbed eight times.

December 18, 2008: An Egyptian man was fatally stabbed in a financial dispute with his friend near the Mall of the Emirates.

July 28, 2008: Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim was found stabbed to death in her flat at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Egyptian businessman and lawmaker Hisham Moustafa was arrested for her murder.

May 1, 2008: Dubai Police arrested a Filipino for allegedly stabbing his wife to death after a quarrel in the Al Twar area in Deira.

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