Abu Dhabi: The State Security Court at the Federal Court sentenced Abdul Rahman K.B., an Emirati, to 10 years in prison and a three-year probation period after serving his prison time.

The convict was found guilty of joining the secret outlawed Al Islah group, a branch of Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood, and was planning to overthrow the government and seize power.

Hani S.K.A. Sh., a UAE national, was also sentenced to seven years in prison for belonging to Al Islah group.

The convict was accused of running one of the outlawed group’s offices in the country and promoting the ideas and ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood among Emirati youth.

In the third hearing, the court handed a three-year jail term to Salem H.A.Sh., from the Comoros Island, for writing slogans and drawing on public walls and tunnels, promoting the ideologies of Daesh, as well as writing defamatory, slanderous and degrading phrases about state officials.

The court looked into 10 other state security cases and was briefed on medical reports of several defendants.

The cases were adjourned to December 12 based on the attorneys’ requests.