Sharjah: An Arab man has been ordered to pay a fine of Dh250,000 for threatening to defame a woman by uploading her private photos on Facebook.

The Sharjah Sharia Court found the Arab man guilty of threatening to defame the woman, a lawyer said on Saturday.

The man has been fined Dh250,000, the court ruled.

Eman Sabt, the 29-year-old woman’s lawyer, said her client from a Gulf country filed a complaint with police after she received abusive SMS from the man who insulted her and threatened to post her photos on Facebook.

The ruling was delivered on September 22, the lawyer said.

The 30-year-old man became acquainted with the woman through social media network.

After their relationship grew, she sent him her photos through different social media networks, according to records. The man then blackmailed her, threatening to post her photos on Facebook if she did not respond to his wishes.

Prosecutors charged the man with threatening and defaming the woman.