Dubai: A man has been jailed for a year for luring a jobseeker to his residence, forcibly disrobing her and then attempting to rape her.

The 26-year-old Filipina accountant met with the 46-year-old Emirati man, who claimed that he runs a tourism company and wanted to hire her as an accountant in January 2018.

Shortly after she called the accused, he picked her up and drove her around Burj Khalifa where he told her that his company was based.

The defendant took the Filipina to his villa in Al Rashidiya after he kept her under the impression that they would wait for other employees to take them all to their company-provided residence.

Once the two entered a room in the villa, the accused started touching the Filipina and making sexual advancements that she rejected.

Afraid of the man’s build, the victim was scared to resist the Emirati, who forced her to remove her clothes and tried to rape her.

When he failed in his attempt due to biological reasons, the accused beat her and forced her to perform bizarre acts.

Attempting to outsmart the Emirati by pretending to be cooperating with him, she discretely tried to call the police from her phone upon which the accused beat her.

When she tried to fool the accused the second time, he assaulted her even more and grabbed her neck. He also struck her with a stick and yelled at her for sometime, but when she yelled back at him he allowed her to leave the room.

Walking out of the room barefoot, the woman called the police immediately.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Emirati accused of assaulting the Filipina victim and attempting to rape her.

“The accused will pay Dh21,000 in temporary civil compensation to the victim. He will also pay Dh500 lawyers’ fees,” said presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

The accused pleaded not guilty in court.

The Filipina victim said she met her potential employer, who had promised to hire her for a salary of Dh5,500.

“He said I will start work the next day. As he drove me to Downtown Dubai, he pointed towards Burj Khalifa and said that I will work there. He took me to his villa saying that we would be waiting for other co-workers to drive us later to the company accommodation. He tried to have sex with me but he failed to fulfil his desires. He threatened and beat me,” she testified.

A police officer, who questioned the man, said the accused told him that he agreed to have consensual sex with the woman, whom he met at a metro station.

The victim had lodged a civil lawsuit in which she sought Dh21,000 in temprory compensation to be paid by the accused against her moral and emotional damages.

The ruling remains subject to appeal.