Dubai: A college student and her lover were accused of having illicit sex after her father found her boyfriend hiding under the bed in their flat in Palm Jumeirah.

The Jordanian student and her Emirati boyfriend, who got to know each other when they met at a café a year ago, were said to have fallen asleep after they met in her bedroom on a Friday afternoon in December.

Around 3pm when the father knocked on the bedroom door as he came to visit his daughter, the student woke up petrified because the boyfriend was in the room.

Following a quick argument, the boy got under the bed and hid underneath even as the student went to answer the door.

The father’s suspicion grew stronger once he noticed that his daughter was perplexed and scared and went on searching the premises.

The father indulged in a heated argument and scuffled with the young man once he saw the latter’s jeans on the hanger and discovered that he was hiding under the bed.

The Emirati tried to leave the flat before the father restrained him and called the police.

When the student and the man were taken to the police station for further investigation, it was discovered that the couple had been involved in a love affair.

Prosecutors charged the suspects with having consensual sex.

The suspects did not show up before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court where they were scheduled to enter their pleas on Thursday.

In her statement before interrogators, the college student claimed that she met the Emirati in a café last year and they exchanged their contact numbers.

“A love affair blossomed between us and he used to visit my flat. One Thursday evening, I called him up and invited him over to have dinner. We had sex after dinner and then we slept … around 3pm next day, my father came and knocked on the door. I panicked and did not know what to do … I was late in answering the door. My father felt suspicious before he entered my bedroom to check if anybody was there. When he saw my boyfriend’s jeans, he asked me about it and I told him that it was for one of my female friends. Unconvinced with my response, he went on searching the house until he was shocked to find my boyfriend hiding under my bed. When the Emirati tried to flee from the flat, my father stopped him and called the police,” she said.

When questioned, the Emirati suspect also admitted that they had been having consensual sex at the student’s flat in Palm Jumeirah.

The trial continues.