Dubai: An American manager has gone on trial for getting cocaine for two women in order to have sex with them, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

The 47-year-old American defendant was charged with supplying drugs to the women, possessing 0.71 grams of cocaine, consuming drugs and alcohol.

According to official records, on May 7 this year, the Dubai Police was tipped off about the defendant with drugs inside his hotel room in Palm Jumeirah.

The police raided the room at 7:15pm and arrested the defendant, who was with one of the women.

“We had information that both were taking drugs. She was staying in another room in the hotel; we searched her room and found the second woman there. We also found traces of drugs inside her room. They confessed that the defendant supplied the drugs,” an Emirati police officer said in official records.

The defendant told officers that he met the two women in a nightclub a day earlier and that they asked him to buy drugs in exchange for sex.

“He said that they gave him a drug dealer’s phone number. He bought Dh10,000 worth of cocaine from the dealer and gave it to the two women.”

While held at Al Barsha police station for questioning, a small plastic bag with cocaine found in the defendant’s pocket.

The two women were arrested and referred to Dubai Misdemeanours Court.