Abu Dhabi: A British man of Indian origin has been arrested after verbally assaulting Abu Dhabi International Airport security and airline personnel and for making statements offensive to the UAE after he was unable to catch his flight.

Originally coming from Heathrow Airport and heading to India, the man arrived at the UAE capital one week ago,  Criminal Investigation Department officials said.

His first flight faced some delays, which resulted in his inability to board his next flight to India. This caused the man to become agitated and to reportedly swear at an airline employee.

Authorities said that the man also refused to allow other passengers to finish their procedures, insisting that he get on the airplane after doors were closed in preparation for take off.

Witnesses said that two security officials tried to placate the man, whom police said insisted on using offensive language and making derogatory remarks directed at the UAE. Police said he also behaved arrogantly by "showing off" and waving his British passport.

The man denied all charges and claimed that he did not recognise the airport security members, but witnesses testified that the officials were wearing their identification badges which were written in both Arabic and English.

The security personnel also verbally identified themselves and were still reportedly unable to calm the man.

The man said he was directing the offensive statement at himself and his "luck" and not at the airport employees and the UAE.