Dubai: A maid has been jailed for life after she was found guilty of attempting to kill her sponsor’s three children with boiling water and a cleaver while they slept.

The 25-year-old Ethiopian maid, Y.S., had admitted that she only attacked the three Emirati children after they and their mother allegedly threatened to kill her.

The defendant had to be dragged outside the Dubai Court of First Instance’s hall number seven by policewomen when she learnt her punishment.

“The accused has been sentenced to life in jail… she will be deported following the completion of her punishment,” said presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi in court on Sunday.

Prosecutors sought the toughest punishment applicable against Y.S., who was charged with attempting to murder the children.

Records said the maid attempted suicide twice shortly after she tried to kill her sponsor’s three children, aged 15, 14 and 10, while they were sleeping in an act of revenge in April.

Y.S. poured boiling water on the children’s faces and repeatedly stabbed them with a cleaver wanting to kill them in what prosecutors described as an act of revenge.

When asked in court why she tried to kill them, the maid claimed that they [victims and their mother] threatened to kill her.

“They had refused my request to cancel my visa and return home…I was afraid of their threats,” the defendant told the court earlier.

The convict was charged with a triple murder attempt, double suicide attempt and theft.

According to Sunday’s ruling, the accused was also ordered to pay Dh21,000 in temporary compensation to the mother [claimant in civil rights]

Presiding judge Al Shamsi also said Y.S. has to pay Dh1,000 in lawyers’ fees.

Court records said the Emirati sponsor was forced to go out on a medical trip for two days in April, when Y.S. attacked her sleeping children and tried to kill them.

The defendant was cited admitting to the investigating prosecutor that she attacked the children while they were sleeping because she wanted revenge.

“When they locked themselves inside the washroom, I went to my sponsor’s bedroom. I found my passport and took her money,” the accused was quoted as telling prosecutors.

Records said the children woke up in a state of shock and they were horrified when the suspect stabbed them repeatedly in different parts of their bodies.

The eldest sister testified that the incident happened the same day her mother had to go out on a short medical trip.

“My sister and I were sleeping on one bed while our brother was sleeping on a mattress. Around 7am I felt some boiling water splashing on my face… I woke up shocked and saw the defendant. She held a boiler and a cleaver in her hands. She stabbed me repeatedly in my face, and then she attacked my sister and then my brother. We escaped and locked ourselves inside the washroom, then called the police,” she claimed.

Records said police stormed into the flat within five minutes and freed the children before calling for an ambulance.

A police sergeant testified that the children had locked themselves in the bathroom to avoid the attacks.

“There was blood all over the bedroom and sitting room. The children were bleeding and crying. We found Y.S. in the balcony… she had the cleaver in her hand and her passports and some cash in the other,” said the sergeant.

Sunday’s ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.