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A poster on bullying launched by the Ministry of Interior as part of its community awareness programmes. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Seven children facing charges of physically assaulting students will appear at Kalba Court on Thursday.

The Kalba Public Prosecution completed their investigations into two incidents, which took place on a school bus and in a school yard.

Officials charged the seven children, five for the school bus attack and two for stepping in to avenge the assault.

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Charges include beating and assault, verbal abuse and filming the assault and posting it on social media without the victim’s consent.

The five accused of the school bus attack have been sent to a Juvenile Welfare Centre in Fujairah to await trial.

Four have been charged with beating and insulting the victim, while a fifth was charged with filming the assault.

All five confessed but said they were provoked by the victim’s verbal abuse.

Two other teens with no connection to the victim have also been sent to the same centre after they attacked the culprits in the video after the clip went viral.

The incident came to light when the father of one of the accused from the first attack reported it to the police, after his son was admitted to hospital after receiving a beating.

All the accused in the two bullying incidents pleaded guilty to the charges.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Police have swung into action after a video showing students fighting on a school bus went viral.

A statement from Sharjah Police said legal action has been taken against those behind the video showing a bullying incident on a school bus.

The police have also summoned the parents of the students involved.

A full-fledged investigations being conducted into the incident with the help of other authorities.