Abu Dhabi court
The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court announces to adjourn hearing of a terrorist group case to May 2 Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The State Security Chamber of the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal has decided to adjourn to May 2, 2024 the hearing in of a case involving the terrorist “Justice and Dignity Committee’ organisation.

The court will complete hearing the defence pleas and the defendants’ response to the prosecution’s response.
Eighty-four defendants stand accused in this case of establishing and managing a clandestine terrorist organisation in the UAE known as the “Justice and Dignity Committee’.

The charges against them include planning terrorist acts, fund-raising for the organisation, and concealing the source and destination of those funds.
In yesterday’s session, attended by the defendants’ families and media representatives, the court heard over three hours of defence arguments, during which the lawyers for the accused argued that the court lacked jurisdiction due to a prior judgement in a previous case, i.e., Case No. 79 of 2012.

This formed a fundamental aspect of their defence strategy, which all defendants endorsed. They also challenged the validity of the charges presented by the Prosecution and contested the evidence submitted.
In response, the prosecution reaffirmed their position as articulated in the opening statement. The prosecution representative contended that the current charges are materially distinct from those in the prior case, as they involve demonstrably criminal actions.

These constitute a separate offence under the principle of material plurality. Notably, the financing of a terrorist organisation was not encompassed in the previous trial. NAT