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Dubai: A housewife in Dubai was fined Dh2,000 for breaching privacy of her husband by posting his phone number on social media platforms. She was also charged of publishing photos of his house on social media while they were in legal divorce battle.

According to the Dubai Court of Misdemeanour, the 40-year-old Emirati housewife published pictures of personal chats with her husband and his phone number on her Instagram account on January this year.

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Her husband reported the incident to Bur Dubai Police station claiming that his wife breached his privacy.

Housewife, however, denied the charges in courtroom. The housewife claimed that she was in her apartment in Dubai and was chatting with her sisters in law about solving the alimony problem.

“I was talking with them on WhatsApp. I put pictures of my children on my Instagram account as well as the chat between me and my husband,” said the housewife in official records.

Dubai Public Prosecution has also appealed against the verdict asking for tougher punishment.