Al Awir Central Jail in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: A man in Dubai physically assaulted his wife and threatened to slit her throat because she had asked him about the reason behind using his mobile phone past midnight.

According to the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, the husband attacked his wife with his bare hands and caused a 5 per cent disability in her right foot and 10 per cent disability in her left knee.

The woman presented a medical report, claiming that she had been beaten up by her husband, resulting in injuries that prevented her from living a normal life for more than 20 days. The incident happened in January this year, at the couple’s home in Bur Dubai.

He was initially sentenced to one year in jail by Dubai Misdemeanours Court. Dubai Court of Appeal later reduced the verdict to one month in jail.

Police complaint

The wife testified that she had asked her 27-year-old husband about using his mobile phone past midnight. The defendant was apparently upset with the query and assaulted his wife, before threatening to slaughter her.

“He assaulted me and even threatened to kill me when I asked him why was he using his mobile phone,” the wife said on record. The woman then went to meet her parents before heading to the hospital to obtain a medical report about her injuries.

She filed a complaint with the police against her husband, who was summoned and interrogated, before the case was referred to Public Prosecution.

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The couple got married in August 2020 and the woman claimed that her husband had been physically abusing her ever since. “I didn’t report the earlier incidents as I was afraid and wanted to continue with our marriage,” she added.

Prosecution charged the defendant with assaulting his wife and issuing death threats. The defendant, however, denied the charges in court.