Dubai: Police have arrested an international gang who strangled to death a jewellery trader at his office in Naif area and stealing diamonds worth Dh10 million. The three men, who were from an Eastern European country, had fled the UAE two hours after committing the crime.

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, the Dubai Police Chief, said the accused were shocked to see the police who were waiting for them when they landed at the airport of their native country.

He added that the suspects had the stolen diamonds with them at the time of the arrest, which were hidden in shampoo bottles. The three men admitted to their crime when questioned by the police.

Describing the incident that happened some three weeks ago in Dubai, Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said, “As the man did not return home one night, the wife went to his office in Naif area the following day. She found him murdered there and informed the police. After inspecting the scene of the crime, the suspects were identified and we contacted the Eastern European country they fled to and they were arrested in the airport.”

He said the decision to reveal the entire case was because the incident was reported by Eastern European media commending the speed and skill of Dubai police.

According to the forensic report the man was tied to a chair and strangled to death, Al Mansouri added.

Major General Al Mazeina said that the task force was able to identify the perpetrators within 20 minutes as well as the destination they fled to, despite the five hours delay in the reporting of the crime, and the fact that the security cameras were not working. He added that the culprits could have been caught in Dubai if the crime was reported earlier.

The investigations revealed that the suspects had earlier visited the UAE where they met with the victim and made him believe that they were jewellery traders and want to buy a huge quantity of certain kind of diamond.

They set an appointment with him on Friday. On the day of the murder, the suspects arrived at the trader’s office on time. Once the trader brought the diamonds they hit him with a sharp object. They then tied his arms back to the chair and strangled him to death before escaping with the stolen diamonds. 


With inputs by Nawal Al Ramahi

Special to Gulf News