Dubai Police works round the clock to combat economic crimes. Image Credit: Dubai Police/ Twitter

Dubai: The Department of Anti-Economic Crime at Dubai Police in 2022 arrested 497 accused, recorded 447 economic crime cases and confiscated fake goods worth an estimated Dh1.4 billion.

According to Major General Jamal Salem Al-Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations at Dubai Police, the arrests of those involved in economic crimes were made through a precise action plan in coordination with trademark partners. Regular meetings are held between brand representatives and officers of the Department of Anti-Economic Crime to explore methods and tools to detect counterfeit goods.

He confirmed that Dubai has earned the confidence and trust of various prestigious international brands for its efforts in combating economic crimes.

Dr Colonel Khalid Saleh Al Sheikh, Director of the Anti-Economic Crime Department, said that the cases varied between piracy, commercial fraud, counterfeiting, sorcery and forgery. He confirmed that the department works round the clock to combat economic crimes.

Colonel Al Sheikh noted that last year, the department, through its three sections- Anti-Counterfeits Section, Anti-Fraud Section and Anti-Commercial Fraud and Piracy Section – recorded 447 cases involving 497 accused with Dh1,432,588,825 worth of seized goods, documents and items.

Dubai Police action at a glance

• Counterfeits: 245 cases, 262 accused and Dh1,270,226,110 worth of seized goods.

• Commercial Fraud: 154 cases, 167 accused and Dh110,406,120 worth of seized items.

• Forgery: 48 cases, 68 accused and Dh51,916,595 worth of seized items.