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Dubai Police records show that 90 per cent of home thefts are due to the hiring of illegal domestic workers. Image Credit: i stock

Dubai: Dubai Police records related to home thefts have revealed that about 90 per cent of the thefts are due to the hiring of illegal domestic workers, leaving the house in their supervision and travelling to other countries.

Calling on villa owners to subscribe to the free “Home Security Service” to protect their properties, Dubai Police stated that zero thefts have been reported in homes enrolled in the service.

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Major General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Investigations and Criminal Investigations in Dubai Police, said reports showed the owners of the house hired maids, gardeners and drivers who are not on their sponsorship, with some of them even violating the UAE residency law. When untoward incidents happen, the owners are reluctant to file a complaint for fear of paying a fine of up to Dh50,000.

He pointed out that some families go on vacations that extend to months and leave the house under the control of a maid or a worker about whom they have little information. Taking advantage of the situation, the workers commit thefts and escape.

Zero crime

Major General Al Jallaf pointed out that zero theft crimes have been recorded from villas and apartments in residential complexes in Dubai due to the high level of security and safety, and the provision of strict precautionary measures.

He called on apartment and house owners to install cameras to secure their properties, in addition to resorting to legal methods of hiring domestic workers.

He said villa owners can be charged with negligence in addition to hiring illegal workers and employing non-sponsored workers in the event of a crime, especially since the theft can be accompanied by acts of vandalism and violence. The consequences can be serious due to negligence in the use of regularised labour, he added.

Dubai Police said the ‘Home Security Service’ is avaiable on the Dubai Police website or Smart App.

Brigadier Muhammad Aqeel Ahli, Deputy Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation for Search and Investigation Affairs, highlighted the features of the service and how it can prevent crimes.

Brigadier Ahli said that Dubai Police in cooperation with Etisalat has formed a team to develop s amart monitoring service which will be launched soon.

The new system will allow owners to monitor their homes in a ‘smart’ way. The system which will be linked to the police operation room will immediately alert the police in the event of a theft.