Dubai: The Dubai Police arrested a man who was deported earlier and entered the UAE again illegally just to meet his girlfriend, an official told Gulf News.

The man went to meet his girlfriend in Dubai, but her family refused to let them meet again and informed the police.

Colonel Ali Salem Al Shamsi, Director of Infiltrators Department at the Dubai Police, said that infiltrators have many reasons to enter the country illegally, but it is rare to see someone paying money and risking his life just to see his girlfriend again.

“The man owned a private company in the UAE, but he was involved in a drug consumption case in the past and was deported. But he wanted to see his girlfriend again and paid $500 (Dh1,836) to be smuggled inside the country to see his girlfriend,” Col Al Shamsi said.

Police alerted

The Asian man tried to meet his countrywoman, who is a college student, but her family alerted the police who arrested him.

He was referred to the concerned authority, to deport him for the second time.

The Dubai Police official stats revealed there is a significant drop in the number of infiltrators caught this year, as 5,155 infiltrators were arrested in the first six months of the year compared to 11,394 infiltrators caught in the same period of time last year.

“There is a drop in the number of infiltrators this year compare to last year. We arrested 16 people wanted by local authorities this year in the UAE, compared to 33 in the same period of time last year,” Col Al Shamsi added.

However, 2,755 people were arrested for residency law violations this year, compared to 2,886 people last year.


Campaign against illegal residents

The Dubai Police are organising campaigns to arrest violators and infiltrators and spread awareness among the public about the danger of illegal residents.

“We ask the public to cooperate with the concerned authority, to crackdown on illegal residents. Many campaigns target street vendors, car washers and beggars,” Col Al Shamsi said.