Dubai: Dubai's highest court Monday upheld a lower court's ruling that a 23-year-old Emirati woman had consensual sex with her uncle, causing her to become pregnant.

The Dubai Cassation Court confirmed a three-month sentence imposed on the woman, A.A., after her appeal was rejected.

"The court has dismissed A.A.'s appeal and upheld the appellate court's verdict," said Presiding Judge Mohammad Nabeel Riyadh as he pronounced yesterday's verdict in Courtroom 22.

The Dubai Appeal Court in June sentenced the woman's 26-year-old Emirati uncle, a policeman, to one year in prison for having consensual sex with A.A. The uncle, K.S., also got an additional year for consuming mind-altering substances.


A.A. had appealed to the Cassation Court in an attempt to have her conviction overturned.

The judge said the Cassation Court only looks into the legalities of the appellate verdict and not the crime itself.

K.S. had denied having consensual sex with his niece and pleaded not guilty. He confessed that he took mind-affecting substances which including Nordazipam, Timazipam and Oxazipam.

A.A. denied having consensual sex with her uncle. She alleged that she was raped. Prosecutors said K.S. had consensual sex with his niece. Police records showed that A.A.'s father reported the matter at Al Qusais Police Station.

A.A. told police that K.S. picked her up from her workplace and drove her to a sandy area covered with trees. She claimed K.S. said he loved her and pressured her into having sex.

Records said A.A. called K.S. for help after she got pregnant. She claimed that K.S. promised to help her get an abortion but then stopped taking her calls.