Dubai: The full tinting of a car's windows was blamed for the death of a pedestrian and injury of another on Tuesday, police said yesterday.

An Indian pedestrian was killed and another was injured on the seventh bridge of the Emirates Road at about 8.30pm.

According to police, a truck on the bridge tried to change lanes and overtake other vehicles.

The national driver of a four-wheel drive tried to avoid the truck and changed lanes to the right.

But he ran onto the hard shoulder and then the sand. But three people standing on the sand waiting to cross the road caught him by surprise.

The police said the motorist tried to avoid them but hit two, killing one and injuring the other.

He was driving at 100 to 110 km/hr.

A police source said the reason the national could not see the three people was the 100 per cent tinting on his car windows.

"I sat in his car after the accident. It was impossible to see through the windows in the dark," the source said.

Five people have been run over this month.

Dubai Police do not allow more than 30 per cent tinting of car windows.

The current penalty for applying more than 30 per cent tinting is Dhs500, confiscation of the vehicle for at least a week, and two weeks in case the offence is repeated. Unless the motorist has permission for more than 30 per cent tinting, he is fined.