Dubai: A French businessman has been accused of defacing the Quran by spitting on it before he assaulted and threatened to kill a new Muslim convert after she refused to marry him.

Prosecutors have accused the 41-year-old Frenchman, R.J., of spitting on the holy book and insulting Islam by also throwing on the floor a book that contained Hadith [sayings of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)].

He was additionally accused of confining the new convert, a 36-year-old British woman, S.M,, in her bedroom, beating and then threatening to kill her if she refused to marry him.

However R.J. denied the accusations and pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The British woman claimed R.J. forced his way into her room, according to her prosecution statement, when she opened the door to check on some brown-coloured water leakage that she found in her residence at Dubai Motor City.

“He pushed me down to the floor, locked the door and hid the key in his pocket.

“He yelled at me saying that I had to listen to him. He asked me why I posted a sign that states ‘In the Name of Allah’.

“He also asked me ‘why do you keep the Quran and book of Hadith in your place? Do you want to become a Muslim?’

“Then he spit on the Quran and threw the book on the floor.

“R.J. repeatedly insulted Islam and the prophets before I told him that I am taking lessons about Islam.

“He locked me in for nearly four hours during which he repeatedly assaulted me,” S.M. claimed to prosecutors.

Records said she alleged that he threatened to kill her and harm her family if she refused to marry him. During the time which he spent at her residence, he repeatedly told her he loved her and wanted her to marry him.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors charged R.J. with trespassing into S.M.’s home, threatening to kill her, assaulting and locking her up.

He was also accused of insulting Islam and the Quran.

Records said the woman’s Saudi friend took her to police to report the incident.

The Saudi friend discovered what happened when he went to check on her because she had failed to answer his calls for a day.

He also assisted the police in arresting the defendant.

The trial continues.