The Abu Dhabi Police have launched the "Safe Summer" campaign to raise awareness among residents about the need to take preventative measures to secure their homes and vehicles when they are away on vacation. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police has called on residents to take necessary preventive measures to secure their homes, properties and assets when they are away on travel.

The police, who launched the “Safe Summer” campaign through their social media accounts, said citizens and expat residents travelling abroad for long holidays during summer should make sure their homes remain safe.

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They urged the public to lock doors, windows, entrances and exits of the house, and install surveillance cameras to monitor any suspicious movement around the house and its surroundings.

The police also urged the public to keep valuables and money in safes and in the bank, making use of smart technologies and systems connected to alarms.

They stressed on the importance of periodic maintenance of houses to ensure the efficiency of electricity and gas systems to prevent fire hazards.

It is also good practice to inform neighbors when travelling, they added.

The need to park vehicles in designated places is equally essential, they said, adding that all preventative measures must be taken to deter thefts and fires that may occur.

The police have in the past reported cases of house break-ins especially during summer months when many people are away on vacation.

“People should use safer systems to secure their houses and keep valuable items in safes for protection against theft,” the police said, adding, “People travelling to visit friends and families should not leave their homes unsecured. They should lock the doors of their houses firmly and properly during their absence.”

The police have also urged families that travel for long to request relatives to remove newspapers and advertisement brochures left at their doorsteps. “Families should also leave the lights on outside to suggest there is activity around the house,” the police advised.

Shop owners have also been urged to secure their stores by locking the door properly and installing surveillance cameras to monitor any suspicious activities.