UAE kids share thoughts on coronavirus
UAE kids share thoughts on coronavirus Image Credit: iStock photo

Dubai: Coronavirus has made a dramatic change in the way we live. But for children, the change has been drastic. Millions around the world are home from school or day care with no clue of when they will be back. The really little ones are struggling to grasp what’s going on as they wonder why they suddenly can’t go to playgrounds, restaurants or visit friends any more.

Coronavirus: UAE children speak about COVID-19 Irish Eden Belleza, Videographer

We got parents of young children to share videos of what they thought about the pandemic. A cute Indian girl aged around three described coronavirus as a wicked witch who has locked people inside their homes while six year identical twins from Saudi Arabia termed it as green dirty slime full of germs. “I am praying to God to stop coronavirus and keep us safe, said eight-year-old Jordanian Leya Sabri who lives in Dubai.

Ukrainian Khalid said he hates coronavirus because he can’t go out to play with friends.

Many kids also reiterated the importance of regular handwashing and staying at home. Aaban, 9, said he’s feels sad, dejected and furious because of the current situation while his sister Eman, 3, cautioned: “Don’t go outside because germie is outside.”

How to talk to children about coronavirus

Provide just enough information: Strike a balance between answering questions well enough without fueling anxiety and fear.

Be reassuring: Reassure them about the things you are doing to stay as healthy as possible, like washing hands or avoiding social gatherings,

Find out what they already knows: This gives you a chance to learn how they know — and to find out if they’re hearing the wrong information.

Keep communications line open: Tell them that you will continue to keep them updated as you learn more