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Yoshita Ahmad, Sri Lankan art teacher, curator Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: With the UAE government asking the public to stay at home while a national sterlisation drive is undertaken this weekend to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the UAE, Dubai-based residents said it is a good time to pause and reflect.

Yoshita Ahmad, Sri Lankan art teacher, curator:

“This period of self-isolation will give everyone time for themselves. This is not a time to worry and be fearful. It is a time to step back and take a moment to re-assess all things around us. When you do this, you are self-healing.

I personally will be spending my time learning new forms of art.”

Yogacharya Sonia Anand, Indian expat:

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Yogacharya Sonia Anand Image Credit: Supplied

“Prakriti or Mother Earth is the feminine aspect of our universe. Today there is a complete distortion of the universe. With people being forced to go into isolation and self-quarantine – Mother Earth will finally be able to breathe. Enough abuse has been done to her. It’s a time for recovery. We are already seeing this in densely populated cities of the world, where clouds are clearing, marine life is improving. There will be less pollution, wastage. People – without their knowledge are in a united effort to change the world for better. It is a beautiful experience, one to cherish, not fear. It is a humbling experience for many and this will unite families, communities as one single large unit.”

Perri Giovannucci, Italian expat:

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Perri Giovannucci Image Credit: Supplied

“Although the virus has led to a crisis situation, it has also provided space and time to be still, for people to re-think their priorities. The quarantine can be positive in that sense. It allows you to think and recognise the gifts and blessings given to you by the universe. I have been staying and working at home, but in contact with friends all over the world, through social media. We are all experiencing the same condition, the same feelings, and we help each other to feel connected and comforted. It is wonderful to feel and experience this global solidarity. It makes me feel hopeful and appreciative.”

Briton Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright, spiritual coach:

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Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright Image Credit: Supplied

“COVID-19 might be the agent for change that finally wakes people up. Initially self-isolation echoes the materialistic philosophy of every man for himself, yet as we move into lockdown, I feel we are being invited into something much bigger. We need to remember how to feel, quit running away and quit being too busy - it is time for change. This is a united movement to fight the COVID-19 crisis.”