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Dubai Museum: Dubai's museum is located in Al-Fahidi Fort. As history goes, the Al-Fahidi Fort was built in 1787 to defend the Dubai Creek. Take this: The fort's walls are built out of traditional coral-blocks and held together with lime. The upper floor is supported by wooden poles, and the ceiling is constructed from palm fronds, mud, and plaster. According to history, the fort served as a residence for the ruling family, a seat of government, garrison, and prison. It was restored in 1971 (and again extensively in 1995), it is now the city's premier museum. The courtyard is home to several traditional boats and a palm-leaf house with an Emirati wind-tower. The right-hand hall features weaponry, and the left-hand hall showcases Emirati musical instruments. Below the ground floor are display halls with exhibits and dioramas covering various aspects of traditional Emirati life (including pearl fishing and Bedouin desert life), as well as artifacts from the 3,000- to 4,000-year-old graves at Al Qusais archaeological site. Ticket cost: Dh3 for adults and Dh1 for children below six years of age. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has announced the closure of all museums, historical sites and public libraries in the emirate in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, it was announced on Sunday.

A tweet from Dubai Media Office, read, “Dubai Culture and Arts Authority announces the temporary closure of museums, historical sites and public libraries in Dubai with immediate effect from today (Sunday 15 March 2020) till the end of the month.”