Labourers in the UAE
Workers in the UAE Image Credit: GN Archive

Dubai: Dubai Police have put checkpoints in place at entrance points on Emirates Road in both directions between Sharjah and Dubai to prevent the transportation of workers from one emirate to another, an official confirmed on Sunday.

Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said they were coordinating with Sharjah Police to prevent the transportation of worker’s in buses between the two emirates as part of a Dubai Municipality decision last week.

“After the order, police caught drivers who were using private cars to transport workers between Dubai and Sharjah. Legal actions were taken against them,” Col Bin Suwaidan said.

He said that strict orders were given to police patrols to monitor the workers buses and stop them if they are found to be breaking the law.

In a circular released last week the municipality said: “The transport of labour workers to areas outside of Dubai will be prohibited, as movement will be restricted to the boundaries of the emirate, the purpose of which is to restrict the outside entry of workers not residing in Dubai, and to be implemented to date.”

Meanwhile, Col Bin Suwaidan said that the decision’s aim is to reduce the contact between workers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

He urged public to adhere by the precautionary measures and orders by the concerned authorities.