A view of a section of the Blue Zone at COP28 at Expo City Dubai Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: The COP28’s Blue Zone at Expo City Dubai will be closed on Thursday, December 7. The public-access Green Zone will remain open.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which organises the UN Climate Change Conference, announced the closure of the Blue Zone in an alert issued on Wednesday evening.

“Registration will be closed, and no official meetings will take place,” it added.

After a week of intense action, December 7 was earmarked as a rest day for the Blue Zone managed by the UNFCCC.

However, it will be business as usual in the Green Zone (except at the Media Centre, which will be closed) managed by the UAE’s COP28 Presidency, according to Expo City media team. Members of the public, who have secured their day passes to the Green Zone, will be able to visit the area dedicated to engaging, educating and inspiring community climate action, they confirmed to Gulf News.

COP28 in UAE

Rules for Blue Zone

UNFCCC also announced the rules for those who must visit the Blue Zone on Thursday.

“Participants who have offices and/or pavilions will be granted access to their offices and pavilions. However, no events can take place. Participants with offices and/or pavilions receiving accredited guests must pick them up at the security screening facility at the only open gate (Metro Plaza),” it said.

The shuttle bus service from the Metro to the Green Zone will be available, UNFCCC added.