Christmas Bauble
Christmas worship services to mark the most important celebration of Christians Image Credit: Stock image

St. Mary’s Church Dubai

Christmas Eve - December 24

3.30pm (English - for the old and the sick)
5.00pm (French)
7.00pm (English)
9.00pm (Arabic)
11.15pm carol singing
12.00 midnight solemn high mass (English)

Christmas Day - December 25

5.30 am (English)
7.00 am (English)
8.30 am (English)
10.00 am (English)
11.30 am (Arabic)
3.00 pm (English)
4.30 pm (English)
6.00 pm (English)
7.30 pm (English)
9.00 pm (Arabic)

St. Thomas Cathedral, Dubai

Christmas Eve - December 24

6.30pm - 10pm evening service followed by mass and Christmas carols

The Marthoma Parish Dubai

Christmas Eve - December 24

8.00pm - Malayalam service

Christmas Day - December 25

6.30am - English Christmas service

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Jebel Ali

Christmas Eve December 24

6.30-9.30 Malayalam mass

St. Dionysius Orthodox Church, Jebel Ali

Christmas Eve - December 24

6.30. Malayalam Mass followed by Christmas Carol

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Jebel Ali

Christmas Eve - December 24

2.00pm Korean Christmas Mass

4.00pm Carol Singing

4.30pm English Family Mass

6.00pm Syro-Malankara Mass

8.00pm Syro-Malabar Mass

10.30pm Carol Singing

11.00pm Christmas Vigil Mass

Christmas Day - December 25

6.15am English Mass (Church)

3.00pm Tamil Mass (Church)

7.30am English Mass (Church)

4.30pm French Mass (Church)

9.00am English Mass (Church)

6.00pm Arabic Mass (Church and Hall)

9.00am Spanish Mass (Hall)

6.00pm Polish Mass (Chapel)

10.00am Sinhalese Mass (Parish Hall)

7.00pm English Mass (Church and Hall)

10.00am Italian Mass (Church)

8.00pm English Mass (Church and Classrooms)

11.00am English Mass (Church)

8.00pm Tagalog Mass (Parish Hall)

St. Joseph’s Cahtedral, Abu Dhabi

Christmas Eve - December 24

5pm - French Mass

Christmas Vigil

7.15pm - Penitenial Rite
7.30pm - Christmas Mass (Outdoor)
9.15pm - Penitenial Rite
9.30pm - Christmas Mass (Outdoor)
11.00pm - Carol Singing
11.45pm - Penitenial Rite
12.00 midnight - Christmas high mass(Outdoor)

Christmas Day - December 25

4.00am - Malayalam (St. Joseph)
6.30am - English (St. Joseph)
7.45am - English (St. Therese)
9.00am - English (Outdoor)
10.15am - English (St. Therese)
10.30am - Arabic (Outdoor)
10.30am - Korean (Assisi HAll)
12.00 noon - Polish (St. Joseph)
12.00 noon - English (Outdoor)
4.00pm - Urdu (St. Joseph)
4.30pm - English (Outdoor)
5.00pm - Italian (St.Joseph)
5.30pm - English (St. Therese)
5.45pm - English (Outdoor)
6.00pm - Spanish (Parish Hall)
6.00pm - Konkani (St. Joseph)
7.00pm - English (Outdoor)
7.15pm - Arabic (St. Joseph)
7.00pm - Tamil (St. Therese)
7.30pm - Sinhala (Assisi Hall)
8.00pm - English (St. Therese)
8.30pm - Malayalam (St. Joseph)
8.30pm - Tagalog (Outdoor)

St. Paul’s Church, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi

Christmas Eve - December 24

6.15am English (church)
5.30am carols (church)
6.00pm English (church)
7.30pm carols (church)
8.00pm english (church)
8.00pm malankara (Assisi hall)
9.15pm carols (church)
9.45pm english (church)
11.15pm carols (church)
12.00 midnight Christmas high mass (church)

Christmas Day - December 25

4.00am Malayalam (church)
7.30am English (church)
9.00am English (church)
10.30am Tamil (church)
5.30pm English (church)
6.00pm Konkani (Assisi hall)
7.00pm Tagalog (church)
8.30pm Malayalam (church)

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Al Ain

Christmas Eve - December 24

600pm - (English mass)
8.00pm - (Arabic mass)
11.30pm - Christmas Carols
12.00 midnight - Vigil Mass

Christmas Day - December 25

5.30am Malayalam Mass
8.00am English Mass
12 noon Tagalog Mass
1pm Urdu Mass
6.00pm English mass
7.30pm English Mass

St . Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church, Ras Al Khaimah

Christmas Eve - December 24

05.00 Pm - Arabic
07.00 Pm - Malankara
07.30 Pm - Sinhalese (Nakheel church)
10.30 Pm - English main service
12.00 Am - Malayalam

Christmas Day - December 25

07.30am - English
06.30pm - English (Nakheel)
07.00pm - English (Jazeera)
08.00pm - Tagalog (Nakheel)
08.00pm - Tamil (Jazeera)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Fujairah

Christmas Eve - December 24

5.30pm Mass - Malayalam, Syro Malabar
7.00pm - English (Dibba)
Christams Carols - 7.30pm - Multi Language
8.30pm - English Mass

Christmas Day - December 25

9.00am - English Mass
7.00pm - Malayalam (Dibba)
7.00pm - English Mass
8.00pm - Tagalog

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