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Dubai residents Krowen and Shaylene Pinto have the perfect Christmas love story. Image Credit: Supplied

Their story

  • Krowen Pinto and Sharlayne met at a Christmas party in Dubai nine years ago and fell in love.
  • They got married soon after, despite facing some opposition from both their families.
  • They now have a four-year-old son, Jayden, and their families, too, are happy that they found each other.

Dubai: It is a love story straight out of Bollywood - love at first sight, family drama, eloping from home and a happily ever after.

31-year-old Krowen Pinto, who was born and brought up in Dubai, fell in love in the most dramatic way possible.

On Christmas Eve, nine years ago, he was at a family gathering when she walked in. They spoke and the conversation continued for hours. Even after speaking to each other till the party ended, the two took the conversation to Whatsapp. In the early hours of Christmas morning, at around 4am, Pinto proposed.

“It was a spur of the moment decision. I saw her and knew this is the girl. She is going to be the mother of my children. That was the picture I had in my mind,” Pinto told Gulf News.

His wife, 29-year-old Sharlayne Pinto clearly felt similarly, as her response was an emphatic “yes”.

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But things were about to get harder. A good love story always has some challenges and they faced one in the form of disapproving families.

“Our families were not agreeing to the marriage. She was here on a visit visa when we met, and she had to go back to India. I ran away from home and went to India. We got married soon after,” he said.

Two years later, they finally patched up with their families and returned to Dubai as a couple.

“Our families are really happy now that we are together and we have a son - Jayden - who is four years old,” he said.

RDS_181219 Christmas love story
Krowen and Shaylene Pinto with their son, Jayden Image Credit: Supplied

Krowen’s message to those still unlucky in love? Don’t miss out on a chance to tell someone how you feel.

“Never lose an opportunity when you know it is right. At least let the person know, even if they say no and you have to regret later, it is okay.”