Kadim Al Sahir will participate at a panel discussion on November 3 at SIBF venue Expo Centre Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Renowned as the “Caesar of Arabic music,” singer Kadim Al Sahir is set to delve into his extensive relationship with the Arabic language and its deep-rooted fusion with music and literature. This exploration will take place during a panel discussion at Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) on November 3.

This session, as part of the SIBF’s ‘Music and Literature’ programme, will offer a glimpse into the Iraqi singer and composer’s exploration of the formal Arabic language (alfus-ha), where Al Sahir will share insights into how this linguistic journey has shaped numerous chart-topping songs.

He will also delve into his collaborations with Arab poets such as Nizar Qabbani and Karim Al Iraqi, illustrating how these partnerships have infused his music with classical Arabic poetry. In addition, the session will highlight his accomplishments, underscoring the interplay between the realms of music and literature.

Khoula Al Mujaini, General Coordinator of SIBF, said: “The musical journey of several stars, including Kadim Al Sahir, has asserted the Arabic language’s capacity to be a language of art and creativity, proving its linguistic and poetic beauty makes it highly suitable for musical performance."

She added: "Hosting the Iraqi superstar aligns with the book fair’s goals to highlight iconic Arab personalities who have harnessed the beauty of the Arabic language in their journeys, instilling the love of the Arabic language in audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Al Sahir’s international success is a testament to the power of the Arabic language in transcending borders and influencing listeners worldwide, and we are excited to welcome him to SIBF this year.”