“She knew what she was signing up for when she joined the firm. You can’t just pick and choose when it suits. I don’t think Princess Diana would approve. It’s really sad. From a tourism point of view the royal family bring in so much in terms of revenue, so for them to just drop it when they feel like it is just wrong. William will be without an ally now like the Queen was when Edward VIII abdicated. It’s all very reminiscent of Wallis Simpson. It’s like history repeating itself 83 years on.” – Lucy Bradley, Brand Commander, 44

“I think it’s a shame for them to the renounce the honour and powerful position that being a member of the royal family provides. I have been following their charitable endorsements with great enthusiasm for the fresh approach and light that they have the power to shine on organisations that benefit from such profile. I hope that they have considered the huge impact this has on those that don’t have the luxury to change their family or individual status.” – Katie Holmes, marketing, 39

“I’ve been out of the country 20 years so I can’t say I’m paying taxes for their lifestyle but I thought it was a bit of a surprise so quickly after they got together. It will be interesting to see what other comments come out of the palace as they seem surprised as well. It’s a bit of a shame, Meghan had the ability to make the royals more relevant to people in the UK and I thought that was something quite promising in them getting together. But now, if royals want to get married outside aristocratic echelons again it’s going to be difficult for them because they will point to Meghan and say it didn’t work with her. The Queen and Prince Philip deserve time off but they are not giving up, they soldier on.” – Stuart Porter, will writer, 50

“It’s the best move they could make. The British press and public have brought this upon themselves with their constant hounding and nastiness. After what they did to his mother too, they (the tabloids) should be ashamed of themselves. Harry is not a direct heir and yet he was never allowed to live in peace like Edward or Andrew (until recently), purely because he chose a woman who was a celebrity. They are humans and shouldn’t be used and abused for the tabloids and public’s amusement.” - Anonymous