A social media post by the Integrated Transport Centre in the UAE capital highlights the dangers of the wrong practice Image Credit: Instagram/@itcabudhabi

Abu Dhabi: Transport authorities have urged motorists to avoid parking in Abu Dhabi’s public bus lay-bys, or face a Dh 2,000 fine.

In a recent social media post, the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) urged motorists not to park in the roadside lay-bys that are designated for public buses.

“Road users must act responsibly and avoid parking their vehicles in the lay-by bus parking spaces in order to maintain the safety of others and the flow of the traffic,” the ITC said.

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The ITC added that the practice disrupts traffic, and endangers the safety of road users. It is therefore monitoring lay-bys with the latest technologies in order to detect violators, who will be fined.