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The Abu Dhabi Police have released a new video clip to demonstrate the hazards of sudden swerves on the road. Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have released a new video clip to demonstrate the hazards of sudden swerves on the road.

The clip shows a white sedan crashing into a black SUV as it tries to avoid another white sedan that enters the road and swerves across four lanes in quick succession. The vehicle that is responsible for serving is shown driving away without any damage, but the first white sedan and SUV collide into the median.

Earlier this week, the Abu Dhabi Police shared a series of tips on how to safely enter a main road, including ensuring the road is clear, and using indicators to signal the direction of movement to other motorists.

The clip released today is part of the Police’s ‘Your Comment’ initiative, which aims to enhance traffic safety by exposing motorists to wrongful driving behaviours and their impacts.


The Police has earlier highlighted that lane discipline violations are responsible for many road traffic accidents in the emirate. A Dh1,000 fine, and four traffic black points, is imposed in Abu Dhabi on vehicles that swerve suddenly on the roads, while a Dh400 fine is issued for failing to maintain lane discipline.

Traffic fines for the violation of sudden swerving are outlined in Article 29 of the Federal Traffic Law, whereas the penalty for not adhering to traffic lanes is outlined in Article 86.