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An empty desert stretch. For illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police has denied the death of an Emirati man due to “starvation in the desert”, a statement from the police said on Friday.

Revealing the truth behind the incident, the police said a man in his 30s had gone missing since May 12 and his body was found in a desert area in Al Ain. He was identified through his fingerprints and the police found no criminal intent behind the death.

Earlier, social media sites attributed the death of a youth in the desert due to hunger.

Abu Dhabi Police dismissed the claims as unfounded and said further investigations are underway.

It was alleged on social media that the man, identified as “Sultan Asim Omar Al Kusairi”, had died in the desert due to starvation and thirst after his vehicle was stuck in the sands for a long time.

One tweet from Al Ain had claimed that the youth was a person of good conduct and his funeral prayers and burial were performed at Al Motawia in Al Ain.

The police urged the community members not to publish or circulate rumours and to obtain information only from official, reliable and credible media sources.