Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority announces on Wednesday to launch corruption reporting platform 'The Wajib' Image Credit: Twitter/ADMedia

Abu Dhabi: Anybody who witnesses unlawful or harmful financial and administrative practices and corruption can now submit a confidential report through a newly launched online platform named ‘The Wajib’.

The Wajib platform has been launched by the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) in a bid to enhance the health of the emirate’s financial and economic systems. ADAA works to promote integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance in government and government-related entities, and it said in a statement that reports can be submitted on Wajib even by employees, customers and suppliers of government-related entities in Abu Dhabi.

“The Wajib platform is accessible and easy to use, and has been designed to be inclusive for all members of society, conforming with rules and regulations in terms of protecting anyone who witnesses and reports wrongdoing in efforts to support national actions against corruption. The platform is also specifically designed to maintain the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality of all reported data, as well as the personal information of individuals who come forward with information that reveals any violations or instances of corruption,” the ADAA said.

Strengthen financial management

Wajib is part of ADAA’s vision of engaging the community in the process of reporting financial or administrative violations wherever they may occur. This aims to strengthen the management of Abu Dhabi’s financial resources, and maintain the provision of the best services for the benefit of current and future generations.

“The project to ease the process of reporting wrongdoing comes under the ADAA’s vision of enhancing transparency, integrity and accountability within all financial and administrative interactions to protect the nation and its financial aptitude from any form of corruption. This objective is being pursued by ADAA through the three key principles that underpin a structure of integrity in combating financial and administrative corruption: impartiality, independence and operational integrity,” the ADAA said.

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Complainant confidentiality

Every member of the community will therefore have a chance to confidentially report financial and administrative violations, and acts of financial corruption or indiscretion, with the aim of safeguarding public funds and resources. In collaboration with the relevant authorities, Wajib will provide substantial protection to ensure the confidentiality of all informants’ information, in accordance with the laws and regulations currently in place, or as may be amended at any future time.

After confidential reports are received and reviewed, the person who submitted the complaint will be contacted to authenticate the details of the incident, and he or she will be asked to give some personal information and verify their identity by entering a code sent to their private mobile number, which will have been registered on the platform during the complaint process.

ADAA is calling on all members of society to participate by reporting any financial or administrative violations, indiscretions or acts of corruption that they witness, or are subjected to, without hesitation through the platform, which is the official channel for submitting reports.

ADAA mandate

A financially and administratively independent body working directly under the authority of the office of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) is responsible for promoting the valued principles of accountability, transparency and integrity across Abu Dhabi government departments, employees and society in general. ADAA has a mandate to ensure that public resources and funds are managed, collected and expended efficiently, effectively and economically, safeguarding them for future generations.