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The project will encompass several social care categories specified by DCD, such as psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors. Image Credit: For illustrative purposes only

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi has formed strategic partnerships with specialised academic institutions to assess and enhance the quality of social care professional licensing procedures in Abu Dhabi. This is in line with the DCD’s efforts to optimise the social care sector and ensure best quality of services by guaranteeing high capability of social care professionals.

Mubarak Salem Al Ameri, executive director of Social Licensing and Control Sector at DCD, said: “This partnership is a significant step taken towards regulating the social care sector by automating the assessment process of social care professionals, who wish to practice in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the DCD has also guaranteed the competence of the specialised experts participating in the assessment and the quality of the test content.”

Who are covered?

The project will encompass several social care categories specified by DCD, such as psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and counsellors.

“It is necessary that the social care professionals who seek to acquire the license meet specific qualifications and experience requirements stipulated by the DCD. Before accepting each application, which might take up to three months from submission, the DCD will evaluate applicants’ educational backgrounds and work experiences,” H.E. Al Ameri added.

In 2020, the DCD introduced the ‘Social Care Professionals’ license services in Abu Dhabi, which are accessible via the ‘TAMM’ Abu Dhabi Government Services platform. These licensing services allow social care service providers to acquire the license required to work in the emirate and support the regulation of the social sector, as well as improve services in accordance with the highest international standards.

Assessment procedures

Al Ameri stated that the procedures for the assessments include proficiency testing, verification of the submitted documents, and other requirements mentioned in the Regulations and Procedures Manual, issued by the DCD. Social care professionals must also meet the established standards for education and experience published on the Department’s official website. The license is valid for two years beginning from the date of its issuance and is renewable for a similar period subject to renewal and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements.