Stock Abu Dhabi skyline
The Abu Dhabi city skyline. Abu Dhabi authorities are working round the clock to ensure that residents remain safe over Eid Al Fitr festivities. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi authorities are working round the clock to ensure that residents remain safe over the coming festive occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

While Abu Dhabi Police have developed an integrated plan to ensure traffic flow and safety, the Abu Dhabi Centre of Waste Management — Tadweer has set up systems to ensure timely garbage removal and public hygiene for all.

Eid lights

The first sign of the Eid preparations are the glittering lights across the capital city, set up by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality. With dozens of traditional motifs and greetings, the lights have been lending cheer to roads, bridges and public squares across the city.

Traffic safety

Abu Dhabi Police have, meanwhile, stepped up patrols to ensure a smooth traffic flow, even as residents head out for last-minute shopping. These patrols will be maintained throughout the Eid break, especially near commercial centres, parks and public spaces, police said in a statement.

“Traffic patrols will be deployed on the streets and at intersections and in areas that see high traffic density or [pedestrian] footfall. They will work to prevent traffic congestion and ensure safety on the roads for all users,” said Brigadier General Mohammed Al Himiri, Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate.

The Police Command and Control Centre will continue to work throughout the Eid break, responding to calls and reports from residents who need assistance.

Tadweer Abu Dhabi
Tadweer has stepped up measures to keep parks and other public places clean during Ed Al Fitr holidays. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

“For their own safety and the safety of other road users, we urge motorists not to exceed the speed limit and to avoid texting or calling while driving,” Brig. Gen. Al Himiri added.

Supervising children

The official also urged parents and guardians to closely supervise children over the break and ensure that they are not playing on the streets. “Parents must also warn older children not to drive recklessly in a manner that endangers lives,” Al Himiri urged.

Waste disposal

Tadweer has set up a plan to ensure the timely collection of solid municipal wastes during the Eid holidays. It will also continue pest control services, ensuring overall hygiene in the emirate, the authority said in a statement.

“Tadweer is ready to deal with the expected increase in the volume of waste during Eid Al Fitr. Dedicated teams will ensure the cleanliness of mosques, streets, parks, event sites and various public areas in the emirate. They will also provide pest control services,” said Dr Salem Al Kaabi, the Tadweer Director-General.

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Public hygiene

In particular, 261 additional cleaners will carry out automatic and manual sweeping and slaughterhouse waste disposal. A total of 254 waste containers will also be set out across the city to capture the increased waste volumes, especially in areas with high usage and footfall.

Ahead of the Eid break, Tadweer has also increased pest control efforts, including at 1,895 mosques and prayers venues, 20 public slaughterhouses and 90 parks.