Obtaining a race licence is a six-step process at the Emirates Racing Academy Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI: A new racing academy launched by the Dubai-based Dragon Racing team is offering professional training to individuals as young as 15.

The only racing school of its kind in the region, the Emirates Motor Racing Academy (EMRA), provides a full-fledged competition licence to those who complete the training successfully. “We want to offer a playground and tailormade classes to everyone who loves speed. Our youngest student is 15 and our oldest is 75. Age has no bar when it comes to speed lovers,” said Rob Barff, director, racing and tuition at Dragon Racing.

Barff said the classes, conducted by former racing champions, take place at Dubai Autodrome in Dubai and Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Obtaining the race licence is a six-step process.

“The training begins with a technical briefing and a simulator experience before it hits the track. An assessment determines if the student is eligible for the licence. A multiple option test and a physical examination are also done. Once these tests are cleared, the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE issues the licence,” explained Barff.