Apple AirTag
Image Credit: Apple

San Francisco: An Apple AirTag has helped to track stolen possessions, resulting in the burglar's arrest. The victim's handbag and the car keys, which contained an electronic device linked to the fob, were taken by the burglar Dylan Balmer when he broke into her home through an unlocked door.

"Although he unlocked the car using the keys, he refrained from stealing any of its contents during the early morning break-in at the Hartlepool property," reports AppleInsider.

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According to the proceedings at Teesside Crown Court, after being located, Balmer was confronted by the victim at a Premier Inn nearby for having her keys.CCTV footage from a nearby hotel helped identify him. Balmer, who pleaded guilty, received a 15-month imprisonment term.

Meanwhile, last month, an AirTag had helped to bust robbers who stole more than $62,000 in thefts.

A Texas family became fed up with gravesite robbers and installed a hidden AirTag to capture them in the act. The family didn't anticipate that their smart use of AirTag would help authorities find stolen bronze memorial vases valued at more than $62,000.