From left to right: Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Seed Group and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum; Soledad Pastorutti, Argentine singer and artist; Sergio Arana, CEO of Gennius XYZ; and Akshay Chopra, Director of the MENA Fintech Association at the launch Image Credit: Supplied

Gennius XYZ, a Florida-based fintech company, recently launched its latest digital platform, Imagine as One, during the grand opening of its Dubai base, the Gennius Global Hub. One currency, one wallet, and one simple way to unify various digital assets and facilitate effortless transactions across boundaries — that is what its latest platform promises consumers in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena).

Supported by Seed Group, a company of The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, Gennius XYZ released its latest digital platform at The World as One event on May 9 before movers and shakers of the finance industry in the city. Against the glittering backdrop of the Burj Khalifa on the top floor of the upscale The Lana hotel in Business Bay, the event was the perfect setting for the first glimpse of this futuristic technology.

“Today marks a significant milestone as we launch the Gennius Global Hub in Dubai and unveil our The World as One programme,” said Sergio Arana, CEO and Founder of Gennius XYZ at the launch. “This initiative represents not just a step but a giant leap forward in redefining global loyalty systems. The most important part is its philosophy: the unity, the concept of The World as One. Imagine what we can do — how we can mix currencies, wallets, many different assets, and technology to make it simple for consumers.”

Capital of digital strategy

The Gennius XYZ Global Hub comes to Dubai after nearly one year of development and customisation for the market, working closely in partnership with the Seed Group. “We have 17 million users active on the platform worldwide, but at the end of the day, every market, [and] every country is unique,” said Arana.

Calling Dubai ‘the capital of digital strategy’, he expressed gratitude to Hisham Al Gurg, CEO and Co-founder of Seed Group, for giving Gennius XYZ a chance to expand into the region and globally. “We are a small company, but I believed that together we could build something big, something different.”

That belief was the catalyst for the partnership. “A year ago, we facilitated the smooth entry of Gennius XYZ into Dubai and the larger Mena market, which marked the development of its then-project called The World as One. Now here we are, finally witnessing it come to life — which encompasses its latest Imagine as One digital platform — along with the inauguration of its Dubai hub,” said Al Gurg at the launch. “I think we can all agree that there couldn’t be a better headquarters than Dubai. You look at all the government initiatives launched every year, and they speak of one message: Come to Dubai, and we will support you as the government and as Royal Family members and give you all that you need.”

With two decades spent starting and running new ventures in MENA, and investments worth more than $1.06 billion under his belt, Al Gurg speaks from experience. “In our organisation, we always continue to seek the most innovative companies around the world, especially in the fintech sector,” he said. “There are so many companies to choose from, different countries, different founders. It is very challenging for any investor to find a founder with a great concept and great business model who is ready to take the steps to expand internationally.”

Image Credit: Supplied

Customer-centric ethos

In Arana and the concept of Imagine as One, Seed Group has found that kernel of greatness. “Together, we are setting the foundation for Gennius XYZ’s global expansion, aiming to simplify and enrich the loyalty experience worldwide,” explained Arana. “Our mission is driven by technological innovation and a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling the daily needs and aspirations of our customers. This collaborative effort is pivotal as we continue to lead and innovate in the dynamic digital landscape.”

Welcoming Gennius XYZ Global Hub to the city, Akshay Chopra of the MENA Fintech Association said, “Gennius XYZ is pioneering advancements by making loyalty and reward programmes not only interoperable but profoundly portable. This transformation breaks down the traditional barriers that have restricted the utility of digital assets, ensuring they are more accessible and adaptable for users across the globe.”

That is at the heart of the Imagine as One platform. Powered by a pioneering AI concierge service, AlleX navigator and featuring the latest in immersive technology, it allows customers to access assets — whether it is money used for in-app purchases in games such as Fortnite, miles earned on airlines, rewards earned on credit cards, or hotel stays — and transfer them seamlessly between these different platforms, to be used at the user’s convenience.

“We build our technology infrastructure to blend all of it into one transaction, to create interactions between the different environments with the same user feel,” explained Arana. “So you have one currency and one super-wallet connected across assets, and that gives you more power because if you can mix your different assets, you have more purchasing power. And you can spend it normally, as every day. Whether you are going to a supermarket or a restaurant, or purchasing online or gaming in Web 3.0, whatever your life is, we will be there.”

Imagine as One is hyper-connected with all major e-wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Alipay, and all significant cryptocurrency wallets in the Web 3.0 realm. This integration offers unprecedented convenience, allowing consumers to manage their finances and loyalty benefits in one centralised, secure location.

Soul of Argentina

The event ended on a soaring note, as Arana unveiled the final surprise of the evening: the new ambassador for its platform, well-known Argentinian folk singer Soledad ‘La Sole’ Pastorutti. The theme of unity and The World as One came together perfectly in her soulful performance of John Lennon’s Imagine, the inspiration behind the name of the platform, accompanied by the simple strains of piano, and with Dubai’s skyline gleaming in the background.