Yas Marina Circuit is undergoing extensive alterations
Yas Marina Circuit is undergoing extensive alterations Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management has reached a significant milestone a third of the way into the track reconfiguration programme at Yas Marina Circuit. The asphalt has now been removed from the three key areas of the track, setting the stage for the new layout to be crafted.

Since starting in July, the reconfiguration work has been progressing well towards the target of reopening the track in October, ahead of the 13th instalment of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Ali Al Beshir, Circuit Operations Director at Yas Marina Circuit, said: “We are really delighted and excited to see the upgrades progressing through the stages. The team are working exceptionally hard, and we already have the demolition of the asphalt completed, along with the removal of lights and barriers from the key sections.

“With the support of our key partners and stakeholders we continue to progress well and are very much looking forward to the return of motorsport after the summer and, of course, the last race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”

The upgrades will enhance motorsports events hosted at the venue for both drivers and spectators alike. Yas Marina Circuit are continually identifying ways in which they can evolve, keep our product offerings fresh and retain the loyal fanbase.

Mark Hughes, Managing Director of Mrk1 Consultants, and consultant on the project, commented: “The management team at Yas Marina Circuit and ADMM have really taken on board feedback from the fans and drivers. The project is a huge undertaking, nobody should underestimate the effort that goes into this. They’re doing it for the benefits of the fans both in the grandstand and watching on TV by creating faster wheel-to-wheel racing and more opportunities to overtake for more thrilling races. It’s massively exciting.”

On June 30, Yas Marina Circuit hosted its final Car Track Day to give drivers the last opportunity to experience the original track configuration. From Formula 1 stars such as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, to the general public, thousands of drivers have tested their skills around the original Yas Marina Circuit track, and they’ll now have a new challenge to face.

Spectators wishing to attend the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which takes place on December 9-12, can now look forward to a first-of-its-kind instalment of the race at Yas Marina Circuit, with drivers enjoying more license to overtake, and the modifications to the track providing additional opportunities for exciting high-speed battles.