Sharjah bus
The Sayer Subscription Card is issued by Mowasalat Buses. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

If you frequently use public buses in Sharjah, you can take an unlimited amount of bus rides on all city routes for one month on a special subscription card that costs only Dh225. The Sayer Subscription Card is issued by Mowasalat Buses, which is a Sharjah City bus line operated by Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA).

Here are the details.

What is the Sayer Subscription card?

The Sayer Subscription card is grey in colour and is different from the regular Sayer card that is blue in colour. The card allows you take an unlimited amount of trips for 30 days.

According to the SRTA call centre – 600 525252, the validity of the ticket is five years, and you can renew the subscription every month. If you buy the subscription card you can take how many ever trips you want in a day, and the fare for the trip will be covered within the monthly pass cost.

Cost break down of the Sayer Subscription card

Here is how much the cost for the grey card will cost you, as per the SRTA Call Centre:
• Card price: A one-time payment of Dh5 inclusive of five per cent Value Added Tax (VAT).
• Monthly recharge: Dh225

If you compare this with the standard Sayer Card, you can only recharge your card for Dh45, Dh90 and Dh180. A trip on a regular card costs Dh6 within Sharjah city.

You can buy a Sayer card from the bus driver, when you get on to a Mowasalat bus.

How can a Sayer Subscription card be recharged on the bus?

According to Mowasalat, here are the steps for recharging your subscription card:
• Board any of the Mowasalat buses, then ask the driver to recharge your Sayer Card.
• Pay the driver in cash, or with a card, and remember to collect the purchase receipt.

You can only use the card for travelling on Mowasalat buses, which only operate bus routes within Sharjah City, and cannot be used for Inter-Emirate travel on public transport buses run by SRTA.