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Black points, or traffic points, are penalties levied against some traffic violations and are issued on the driver’s licence. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Did you participate in the accident-free day this week? If you did pledge your participation and were able to get through the day without recording any traffic violations or accidents, you would automatically have four black points removed from your traffic file.

So, how can you check how many black points, if any, are remaining on your file? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the black points on your driving licence.

What are black points?
Black points, or traffic points, are penalties issued against some traffic violations. While some violations, like driving slightly over the speed limit or parking incorrectly can lead to monetary fines, behaviour that is more dangerous can lead to black points also being imposed.
A black point is issued on the driver’s licence. A​​​​​​​ motorist can get anywhere between four to a maximum of 24 black points. If there is a violation committed after a driver has 24 black points, the case is transferred to the UAE courts, with the licence being confiscated or suspended.

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How to check black points on licence

On the Dubai Police website

• Visit -
• Click on ‘services’ and then select ‘traffic services’.
• Click on ‘fines inquiry and payment’.
• Click on ‘access service’.
• You will then have the option to enquire about fines on your:
a. Number plate
b. Traffic code number
c. Licence
d. Ticket
• Select ‘licence details’ and enter your licence number and source (the emirate that issued your licence). Then select the captcha image to verify yourself as a user.
• Click on ‘search’.

The website will then inform you of any black points that you may have on your licence.

On the Ministry of Interior website

• Visit
• Under the ‘e-services’ menu, click on ‘traffic and licensing’.
• Sign in to the MOI portal using your UAE Pass.
• Click on ‘dashboard’ on the menu on top of the screen.
• You will then see a summary of your traffic file, including the black points on the system, traffic fines you need to pay, any traffic reports you may have filed or complaints or inquiries you have raised.