Dubai: Moving out? Here’s how to deactivate your DEWA water and electricity connection
Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: RODNAE/Pexels

Dubai: Moving houses can be a stressful task, but getting your utilities and internet connection sorted out isn’t because you can do the entire process online in a matter of minutes without stepping out of your house.

If you are moving homes within Dubai, all you have to do is transfer your electricity, water, TV and internet connection from your old house to your new home. Here’s how.

How you can transfer electricity, water supply

For Dubai residents, you can automatically transfer your Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) connection from your previous home to the new one through Dewa’s 'Move-to' service.

The online service also allows users to transfer the security deposit that was paid for the earlier property to the new one by entering the Ejari contract details of the new property.

To apply for the service, visit Dewa’s official website – and create an online Dewa account or log in with your UAE Pass 

Required details

To conduct the service online, you must have the following details with you:

• Mobile number
• Email address
Business partner number 
• Ejari number and Premise number of the new property. You can find both these details on your new tenancy contract.

For a step-by-step guide on how to transfer your water and electricity connection, click here.

Total cost:

As per Dewa's website, this is the cost for using the move-to service:

• Dh200 for activation and deactivation of Electricity and Water (small meters).
• Dh600 for activation and deactivation of Electricity and Water (large meters).
• Dh10 for registration.
• Dh20 for the knowledge fee.
• Dh20 for the Innovation fee.

How to transfer your internet, TV, and landline connection

Transferring your internet and TV connection is a straightforward and easy task, but you need to keep in mind three important factors when applying for the service:

1. Are you shifting to a new emirate or to a place where a different operator provides the service? If so, you will not be able to use the service to shift your landline and internet connection. Instead, you will need to cancel your current account and apply for a new one with Etisalat or Du.

2. Take your wireless router, set-top box, and cables to the new location, since a technician will require them to set up the connection.

3. Request for the transfer a few days or at least one day in advance, since it will take approximately 12 to 24 hours for internet, TV, and landline services to be fully operational.


For Etisalat by e& users

If your service is provided by Etisalat by e&, you can request to transfer your telephone, TV, and internet (eLife connection) through Etisalat’s toll-free call centre, the ‘My Etisalat’ app, or by visiting Etisalat Business Centres,.

Required details for the transfer

You must apply for the service to shift your existing eLife services to a new location instead of requesting an ‘eLife New Account'.

Here are the details you will need to provide:
• Location and address of the new residence
• The move-out date to disconnect the services and installation date – which is when you will move into your new home.
• Makani number for the new address.

Cost: You will be charged Dh150, excluding Value Added Tax (VAT).

Du users

If you are a Du user, you can request to transfer your Du services through two channels:

• Through the Du website –
• Du app – available for Apple, Android, and Huawei devices.

Important details and documents you will need to provide for the transfer:

• A copy of the tenancy contract or title deed if you own the property.
• Location and address of the new home.
• Move-out and move-in date.

Cost: A moving fee of Dh100 will be charged on your next bill.