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Dubai: With temperatures dropping, many people in the UAE have started to plan and prepare for the camping season in the UAE.

On Monday, October 17, Dubai Municipality announced it would start receiving applications for temporary winter camp permits, starting October 18. The camping permits are for the Al Awir-1 region.

However, there are certain eligibility criteria that need to be met to receive a camping permit. Here is all you need to know.

Where is the permit for?

The permit is for camping sites in the Al Awir-1 region, which has been developed by Dubai Municipality. In the announcement made the authority, the municipality stated that they have collaborated with Dubai Police, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, and the Dubai Civil Defence to ensure that the camping sites are equipped with essential supplies, along with clean, safe, and secure areas for campers.

Along with having government departments located in the camp to protect campers, vendors and stores also provide essential camping products, equipment and services.

When is the Al Awir camping season?

The camping season at Al Awir-1 will begins on November 1 and lasts until the end of April 2023.

Who is eligible for the temporary winter camp permit?

According to Dubai Municipality, only Emiratis with a passport issued by the Emirate of Dubai are eligible to apply for the permit.

How long is the permit's duration?

Applicants can apply for a three-month permit, which is the minimum duration for which the permit is issued. You can also apply for a four-month, five-month or six-month permit.

How to apply for the temporary winter camp permit?

Campers can apply for the permit application via Dubai Municipality's website -, or visit this link to access the application directly:

Next, follow the steps below to apply for the permit:

Enter the following personal information:

• Name
• Mobile number
• Emergency mobile number
• Email address
• Passport number
• Emirates ID number

Enter camp details:

• Select if you want a single or double camp.
• Dubai Municipality will provide a map of the Al Awir-1 camp area, select your preferred location.
• Next, select the camp number (Each camp site on the map has a camp number)
• Then, select the permit period.

Campsite size

• Single camp dimensions 20 metre X 20 metre (400 square metre area)
• Double camp dimensions 20 metre X 40 metre (800 square metre area)

Upload documents:

Next, attach the necessary documents:

• Passport
• Family book – which contains information on family members.
• Emirates ID

After you complete the permit application, you will receive a request number from Dubai Municipality to track the application's progress.


The amount per square metre per week is 44 fils. Depending on the campsite you choose , which specifies that it cannot exceed 400 square metres per single camp.

Rules to follow

According to Dubai Municipality, permit holders cannot rent the camps or allow others to occupy them. These camps are not for commercial use, and renting out to companies or hotels is not permitted. The camping facilities are only for family use.

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