Hanging Gardens opens in Sharjah
Hanging Gardens opens in Sharjah Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Sharjah's latest attraction, the Hanging Gardens of Kalba, is now welcoming visitors seeking a Nature escape - spanning over 1.6 million square feet and boasting over 100,000 trees, at a height of 281 meres above sea level.

Here are all the details.

Where are the Hanging Gardens?

Located on the Sharjah-Kalba Road (E102). When travelling from Sharjah towards Kalba on the road, you will pass through the Kalba Tunnel, after which the Hanging Gardens will be on your right.

4 reasons to visit

1. Nature-lovers delight: From a waterfall, to flowers cascading down tiered terraces and a panoramic view of the Kalba area, this new development is a great break from city life.

2. Unwind and recharge: Take a leisurely stroll along the 760-meter running track, around the garden, or it back and relax at the central restaurant, which can accommodate 215 guests. Children can also enjoy their time at play areas, which have three different sections based on age groups. The development also has restrooms, prayer rooms, and other cafeterias and restaurants, serving light meals.

3. Try out the excursion train: If you really want to take in the natural beauty of this new attraction, hop on the 820-metre long train trip.

4. Sports and adventure: The area has a 24,000 square feet skating park, which can be used by children, beginners as well as seasoned skaters. You can also enjoy mountain climbing in the area, with three routes of varying difficulties.