Lady Gaga at Dubai Airport. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: Never let it be said that Lady Gaga isn't articulate after a long flight,- or that she can't turn "travel-weary" to "photo-ready" in record time.

The pop star, scheduled to perform at Meydan Racecourse on September 10, arrived in Dubai on Monday night. She met with members of the press in a VIP room at the Dubai International Airport shortly after landing. She was clad in a floor length golden gown paired with a sparkling blue headpiece, created by a Dubai-based designer ("I will be posting it on my Instagram with all of the information and you'll be able to report about it," she said), as she fielded questions about whether or not she would be baring it all on stage.

"No, I will not be. I respect the culture here and this show will be a appropriate for all the fans here in Dubai," she said. When her Dubai show was first announced, organisers told tabloid! there would be "some edits" for the region. Gaga expanded on this.

"They mentioned to me that there were some restrictions, and I know there are some artists that are very strict about their policies of adhering to their art and not compromising, but I actually think it's important to respect other cultures and not force them to adhere to the beliefs of your own country, and in fact, I think it's a better way to connect with the people and to connect a message," Gaga said.

She was prodded also about her controversial song, Aura, which mentions the burqa -- a religious covering of the face.

"At the end of the song, we mention the burqa. The song Aura is about the aura that we all carry with us. Our essence," she said. "And I say, do you want to see the girl behind the aura? Meaning: the presence and the image I've projected for years, are you interested in knowing what's underneath all of that? So, the burqa, the curtain, the veil, these are all metaphors I use to bring fans from all over the world with different cultures together."

Her world tour, ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball, has been a year in the making. She says she will be in Dubai for four days on her first Middle East stop, and hopes to experience the fashion, food and artistry.

"Some people are from Dubai that will be working, actually, with my wardrobe department which will be wonderful. But most of the crew that will be here are from my world tour and from the United States and some are from the United Kingdom. It's a whole assortment."

Gaga kept it short when it came to certain topics, like what she thought of her Dubai show failing to sell out all tickets: "Next question, please." How about how she handles her critics? "Just fine. Thanks for writing all the stories."

She was more concerned with "putting art the front", and said her UAE performance was a "magnificent opportunity for a young Italian girl from New York with a modest Italian American family."

"Most importantly, while I'm here, I'd like to leave a message of light and happiness and creativity and freedom with the fans, and that's more important than my clothes," she said.