Scandal has hit the Rahbani family. Ziad Rahbani, the son of Lebanese diva Feirouz and great musician Assi Rahbani, said he discovered in 2004 that his son, whom he had named after his own father, is in fact not his son.

Ziad then announced - in an interview with a Lebanese newspaper - that he had already intended to take up a lawsuit to reject paternity of young Assi and prevent him from using the Rahbani name.

In 1979, Ziad married Dalal Karam, a young woman from a conservative middle class family. A few years later, the couple had a son.

Ziad and Karam had a difficult marriage and divorced. He did not see his son, now 24, for years. Meanwhile, the young man has became a talented movie director, winning prizes for his first film, Beirut and Beirut.

When Ziad and Assi took a DNA test in 2004 the elder Rahbani discovered that he was not the younger's father. "I told his mother that I don't want this young man to carry my name. I wanted to make it very discreetly in order to spare him all these difficulties, but Dalal didn't take any action, so I find myself today forced to start the proceedings.

"I know that there are two injured parties in this case; the Rahbani family and the young Assi who didn't do anything wrong. I, like him am in this case stuck in the middle of it without being guilty of anything," he added.

In a phone call, Assi said he didn't know his DNA was tested. "How could they make the test without telling me?" he asked, saying that he "believes in himself and in God".

Shaker gets a birthday surprise

In other news, Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker celebrated his birthday in the offices of Rotana music in Beirut central district. Guests included the company's CEO, Salim Al Hindi, as well as several managers and employees. The artist's birthday was also an occasion to celebrate the success of his latest album.

Singer George Wassouf surprised guests when he arrived unexpectedly to celebrate the success and the happiness of fellow-artist and friend Shaker.

Khalaf and Sabbagh reunite

Meanwhile, Lebanese singer Aline Khalaf and model Ahmad Sabbagh have reunited. They were seen over the last few last weeks at a skiing resort kissing and holding hands. The artist announced to the press that she and Sabbagh are going to get married soon.

"My private life concerns only me and nobody can influence my relationships. I dream of the day when the media will concentrate only on my career. Ahmad and I are in a relationship and I am going to be wed soon," she added.

Corazon shoots a new music video

In other news, Young Jordanian singer, Diana Corazon recently shot a music video entitled Jirh (Wound) with a Turkish actor famous in the Arab world under the name of "Asmar"; it is in fact the name of the character he plays in a TV programme dubbed in Arabic.

Corazon recently flew to Morocco where she participated in the Festival of Arabic music in Casablanca, as guest star. She sang her own songs such as Insani, ma Binsak (Forget me, but I won't) and Akzeb Alik (I lie to you) as well as songs by Warda Al Jazaeriya and Oum Koulthoum.

Corazon started her career when she was a finalist of the pan Arab program Super Star which is the regional format of American Idol.