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How to apply for a Good Conduct Certificate

Everything we know so far about the good conduct certificate

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Expatriates applying for a job in the UAE must obtain a certificate of good conduct in order to be issued a work permit, the UAE government recently announced.

Listen here for a more detailed discussion about the certificate of good conduct:

The UAE has postponed the mandatory requirement for a good conduct certificate for employment visas until further notice. 

What is a certificate of good conduct?

Conduct certificate

A document to prove that you have no criminal record and are fit to work and live in the UAE. It is essentially a background check for anyone looking to work in the UAE.

Why has this new rule been enforced?

The move comes as part of efforts to create a safer society in the UAE.

How long is a certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for three months. 

What if I lived in multiple countries over the last 5 years?

If you have lived in multiple countries during the last five years, then a certificate from each country is needed, which means you have to be present in each of these countries for your scheduled certificate appointments. 

Ideally, the document should be obtained from the country you are in before you move to the UAE to work.

Who does not need a Good Conduct Certificate?

Any dependents including a spouse, children or parents. At the moment, Domestic workers from the Philippine and Indonesia do not need to submit a certificate of good conduct (CGC) when applying to a work visa until June 2018. 

How to apply from within the UAE

Applying online

Dubai Police Website

Dubai Police Smart Apps

Applying in person 

You can go to any Police Station or the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) offices between 7.30am to 2.30pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Over the phone

Call 901 for inquiries only. You cannot apply through the phone

What documents do you need?

Valid Emirates ID.
Active Email Address.

What if your Emirates ID isn't valid, because you are in between jobs? 

The police explained over the phone that you can still use your invalid Emirates ID. 

How to apply from outside of the UAE?

So far, each country has somewhat different steps to acquiring the Certificate of Conduct. 

Your first move would be to contact the UAE Embassy of the country that you live in and inquire about the necessary documents.

Any certificate that you receive from the countries that you lived in, must then be attested by UAE diplomatic missions, or the overseas Customer Happiness Centres at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

For Filipinos: 

The Consul-General of the Philippines has informed us that people in the Philippines need a "No Criminal Record" issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Read more about how Filipinos can get their Good Conduct Certificate here.

Domestic workers from the Philippine and Indonesia do not need to submit a certificate of good conduct (CGC) when applying to a work visa until June 2018, it was announced on Monday.

According to a circular issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to "Tasheel" Service centres, the condition of obtaining the good conduct and behaviour certificate has been postponed for Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers until June of this year.

For Indians:

Indians who are moving to the UAE for work need to apply for a Certificate of Good conduct. Keralites already have it easy, since their state is now the first Indian state to put in place a mechanism to issue ‘good conduct certificate’ mandated by the UAE for issuing a work visa to job aspirants.

For the rest of India, luckily, a big portion of the process can be done online, however you must submit the application form in person at the Regional Passport Office so they can verify your identity. 


Certificate cost for UAE nationals: Dh100 
Certificate cost for UAE residents: Dh200 
Certificate cost for people outside the country Dh300
Knowledge Fee Dh10
Innovation Fee Dh10


UAE Inquiries only: 901