Ajman broke the Guinness World Record with a dish of harees that measured 16 metres long. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: During Ramadan, one of the most popular dishes has to be harees.

Made up of ground wheat and meat, this GCC variation of porridge can be found in all Emirati houses as families either choose to have a few bites of the stodgy dish during iftar or later on for suhoor.

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The meaning behind Ramadan is to focus on spiritual reflection, help the needy and give to the poor, and on Tuesday night, a government department did just that while simultaneously breaking world records.

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman helped organise the world’s largest dish of harees, which was prepared and cooked by 3,000 people from all segments of society.

Measuring 16.01 metres long, 2.34m wide and two centimetres thick, the massive plate of harees was then distributed into 800 smaller dishes and distributed to the needy.

Ajman breaks Guinness record by cooking the world's largest plate of harees. Ajman Municipality and Planning Department

The government department said that it took 10 consecutive days to prepare the iftar, which catered to people from various nationalities and all walks of life.